Skaraborg’s industrial knowledge helps Ljusgårda to grow

Ljusgårda in Tibro is engaged in state-of-the-art indoor cultivation. The company has a climate-certified facility that can control air, light and water to create perfect growing conditions for each specific plant. To further develop the company, they use the industrial knowledge available in the Skaraborg region via ASSAR.

“In our indoor cultivation we grow Swedish lettuce. I usually say that we take sun, wind and water and put it indoors. We grow Swedish salad that you can eat with a clear conscience, all year round – that’s what we do”, says Andreas Wilhelmsson, CEO of Ljusgårda.

Practically speaking, indoor cultivation includes all possible technological innovation and Ljusgårda has used much of the industrial knowledge that exists in the Skaraborg region.

Risk reduction and prototype development

“In Skaraborg, we have good knowledge about the manufacturing industry, we are a super region, and we use that at Ljusgårda. We collaborate with the University and look at hos we can reduce the risk of our production in its entirety and prototype development – both with new materials but also general prototype development which means that we eliminate both processes and steps that are not ergonomic”, says Andreas Wilhelmsson.

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