Digital strategy lifted Furhoff’s transformation journey

Furhoff’s Rostfria in Skövde have been manufacturing products in the plumbing field for more than 100 years. But with the digital transformation, it was necessary to ensure that all employees had a common goal. Researchers from the University of Skövde helped with that. The result was a digital strategy – and an energy boost into the business.

Even though Furhoff’s Rostfria is more than a hundred years old, the company has continuously and successfully adapted to new technology and new opportunities. To succeed with their digital transformation, they took help from the University of Skövde.

– For our part, the challenge with the digital transformation was to ensure that all our employees started from the same map and understood the importance of collaboration and having the same target image, says Johan Sveder, production manager at Furhoff’s Rostfria.

Industry and academia in collaboration create industrial benefit

Together with the University of Skövde, Furhoffs developed a digital strategy. The company also received support from the University in creating consensus within the company about its challenges, resources and the costs associated with developing its current approach and way of working.

– It was very valuable to bring the University’s expertise into our company. They understood our manufacturing industry from “farm to table”, so to speak, everything from handling order reception to products and manufacturing processes. They were able to respond humbly to our changing business, says Johan Sveder.

Furhoffs describes the digital strategy as a “energy boost” in the business, and the company is now working on the strategy with full focus on refining working methods, articles, offer on the website and production orders.

The University of Skövde has collaborated with Furhoff’s through the ShiftLabs project. The result was a digital strategy.

Gathering power for digital industrial development

Through the ShiftLabs project, the University of Skövde can work together with small and medium-sized companies on issues related to sustainability and digitization. The university is one of four nodes within ShiftLabs, a Swedish innovation hub and an EU-funded project.

– At the University of Skövde, we have solid experience in helping companies increase their efficiency and competitiveness. Through ShiftLabs we can also work together with the companies and create industrial benefit, says Magnus Holm, project manager for the University’s part in the project.

When Johan Sveder is asked if he has any lessons to share from Furhoff’s digitization journey, the answer comes quickly:

– It is never too late to start the journey. Time spent now is time saved in the long run!

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