November 10

Learn how to build your business model with sustainability

Welcome to a workshop in two steps, where you get to learn how to build your business model with sustainability.

När: Torsdagen den Var: Digitalt eller på plats i Business Lounge i Växthuset, Science Park Skövde, Kaplansgatan 16b

During these sessions, we introduce you to Sustainable Business Canvas, a tool for sustainable business development based on the latest research on sustainability. The canvas has Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas as a model, but is developed for companies who want to develop successful and scalable business models with sustainability at the core of the business.

You will also get the chance to develop your own sustainable business model during the sessions with support from business coaches.

The sustainable business canvas can be used by:

  • Startups that will develop new business models or refine existing ones, for example when you are taking the next step from Lean Canvas or when you want to integrate sustainability in you BMC.
  • Established companies that want to supplement the portfolio with sustainable business models or upgrade the core business.


The first part of the workshop will take place the 10th of November, and the second part at the 17th of November at 10.00-12.00. These are hybrid events that will be sent from Business Lounge in Växthuset. There will be coffee and a snack for those who attend this event live in Business Lounge.

When you sign up, you automatically sign up for both workshops.


Malin Thorsén has owned and run the company Bright Planet AB since 2016. She is a consultant, educator and inspirer with a good reputation when it comes to making the issue of sustainability tangible and close to business. So far, she has helped about 90 different companies and businesses with both strategic and practical sustainability work that has strengthened their business.

Malin Thorsén, Bright Planet.

Initiativtagare till ASSAR är Högskolan i Skövde, IDC West Sweden AB, Science Park Skövde AB, Volvo Car Corporation och Volvokoncernen.

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