Augusti 31

Symposium: Digital Human Modeling

The 6th International Digital Human Modeling Symposium 2020 (DHM2020) will be held August 31 to September 2, 2020 in Skövde, Sweden.

The symposium will be hosted by University of Skövde together with Fraunhofer Chalmers Centre and arranged in collaboration with International Ergonomics Association’s Technical Committee on Digital Human Modeling and Simulation.

The symposium will take place at ASSAR Innovation Arena in Skövde, Sweden.

The DHM2020 provides an international forum for researchers to report their latest innovations, summarize state-of-the-art in the field, as well as exchange ideas, results, and visions in all fields of digital human modeling research and applications.

Topics of interest

  • Anthropometry and 3D human body modeling
  • Human functional data (e.g., joint maximum strength, joint range of motion)
  • Musculoskeletal human models
  • Motion capture and reconstruction
  • Posture and motion simulation
  • Modeling for subjective responses (e.g. ingress/egress, seat comfort)
  • Applications and software demonstration
  • Virtual reality and DHM
  • Mental/cognitive models and integrated models
  • Older, disabled and other special populations
  • Verification and validation of DHMs
  • Model standards and protocols
  • Body part modelling (Spine, Pelvis, Head, Hand and Foot modelling)
  • Virtual humans appearance
  • Biomechanical modelling
  • Human vibration modelling
  • DHM in safety applications
  • DHM in game applications
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